Courtyard Bistro
At Beaches turks & caicos

Tasty hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, sandwiches, salads and fruits.
dress code: Resort Casual
reservation: Not Required
Lunch: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Discover the New Snack Time. Bask in the warmth of the sun and sea at this courtyard eatery, a laid-back bistro. . The bustling Courtyard Bistro accentuates the resort's surroundings as guests from all over come to take pleasure in the savory favorites offered by this bistro. International and island delights such as hot dogs, French fries, sandwiches, fruit plates, salads, burgers, and patties embody the true spirit of the islands. The Courtyard Bistro is a great place to unwind while enjoying an appetizing variety of local and international snacks, a free-spirited vibe, and amazing signature cocktails!